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Dubai Fitness Challenge: Over 200 participants with knee complications to join in

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Over 200 participants with knee complications to join in


SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Sat 22 Oct 2022, 6:53 AM

Last updated: Sat 22 Oct 2022, 7:01 AM

The sixth edition of the Dubai Fitness Challenge will see people from all walks of life –from residents with special needs to people with knee osteoarthritis complications.

Dr Azam Badr Khan, a knee osteoarthritis surgeon at Prime Hospital is bringing in over 200 residents with knee and bone complications. The main motive behind this is to send out a message and raise awareness on knee health. “We have been raising awareness on many medical issues, but I am trying to raise awareness and the importance of knee health,” said Dr Khan.

“I have seen the complications and hurdles my patients go through and being a surgeon I want to urge people to keep surgery as the last option. Possibility of surgery in knee illness can be delayed with proper care and maintaining specific exercises,” said Dr Khan.

Dr Khan who runs an awareness campaign, ‘Lets Walk Again’ said that his patients from the age of 30 up to 80 years old will take part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge, Expo Run, and a few of them during the mega Dubai Run. “Many of my patients are keen on participating in Expo Run as well as exercising 30 minutes for 30 days,” said Dr Khan.

Though a surgeon, Dr Khan believes surgery is not always the answer. “The day you realise you have a bad knee you should start working on your muscles with exercises and stretches, as well as with various other non-surgical therapies. You can sustain your knees for a long time before requiring replacement. The solution lies within. Don’t depend on your doctor entirely for it,” he added.

From the wheelchair to Expo Run

Abdul Rahim Ismail Al Zarooni, an Emirati Citizen will be participating with his 77-year-old mother, who is wheelchair-bound. “This is a great initiative, and we will be supporting this cause,” said Al Zarooni.

Al Zarooni’s mother has undergone surgery for one of her knees and will be undergoing surgery for the other one. “She is keen on participating in the Expo Run as well as Dubai Fitness Challenge giving out a message on maintaining knee health,” he said.

‘Take the first step to take many steps’

“One has to take the first step before taking many steps,” said 62-year-old Richard Amann, who will also be a participant at multiple events of the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Amann has been physically active since his childhood and has been an International Ice Hockey player who has represented Germany twice in the Olympics and World Championships.

The German Canadian citizen said: “I am going through a plethora of joint problems in my body and I am keen to join the campaign propagating knee and bone health.”

“I want to demonstrate that people who have medical issues can still maintain some aspect of normality prior to surgery (if required) or medical procedures conducted,” Amann said.

“There is hope in raising awareness and when there is hope there has to be a will. And if you don’t have the will to stay active, moving forward is difficult,” added Amann.

Amann will be bringing his wife along and urged people with joint and knee problems to participate, “even if it is taking a step forward from the starting line.”

Another participant with a knee problem is 40-year-old Nawaz Nalneer from Sri Lanka. Nawaz underwent knee replacement surgery one and a half years ago and explained the importance of maintaining knee health.

“I was limping for many years, and it was extremely painful. My knees were bent, and I looked way too short compared to my actual height. I couldn’t offer my prayers for years and realized the importance of maintaining the health of knee and joints,” said Nalneer.

Now, the Sri Lankan expat is leading a healthy life. “I have conducted surgery twice but there was no positive outcome. However, my last surgery was a successful one and I can carry out all the last. But it cannot be compared with the activeness of the ones gifted by god. And that is the main reason I want to be a part of the campaign,” said Nalneer.

Dr Khan has been raising awareness of knee health throughout the world and has been conducting free surgeries for knee osteoarthritis patients in many countries of the world. He has also taken a patient to Mt Everest base camp and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to promote the importance of knee health.


source: khaleejtimes

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